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Thread: 2016 CX-5 Brake Noises

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    I've been experiencing the same issue (inconsistent screeching noise when braking) and finally after 2 years of trying to figure out what it is (and replacing brakes and rotors twice), I have been told it's the rubber bushings in the lower front control arm. Googling further, I came across this article: -- which actually states that it is a known issue with a defective control arm! I am beyond myself for not being informed about this by Mazda and/or the dealership. Hope this helps.

    Edited to add: it's not calipers. It's not inner tie rods or outer tie rods. It's the bushings. Took so long to diagnose!
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    Quote Originally Posted by NelsonLewis View Post
    Just looked, the ole girls 16.5 falls under the VIN numbers. Having her take it up to the local dealer with the TSB to see what they say. I expect they'll give her the runaround, and then I guess I'll be taking it up there myself to get them to replace it.

    I don't feel to much grabbing of sorts, but it sure does make more noise than it should for a car with 9k miles on the clock. I'll check the pad and disc wear myself tonight to give her a heads up of what they should say...
    Its quite easy to test if your CX5 is affected and put your mind at ease, at least for now. As per the TSB:

    Stop the car, push your foot firmly on the brake, and engage the EPB. Release the foot brake, and gently accelerate away. If there is a noticeable dip in the rear of the car to one side (and it is VERY noticeable), then the problem exists on that car and the TSB applies and thats the proof to have the dealer replace calipers, discs etc as per TSB.

    I am on good terms with the foreman at my local dealership and he tells me, after mine were replaced, that they only occasionally see cars in for this issue. Ive got no reason to disbelieve him.

    As has been reported in this forum numerous times, CX5 is Australia*s top selling SUV, and if this problem was as certain to happen as some would have you believe, there would be looooong lines of CX5*s waiting to be fixed out the door and up the street from every Mazda dealer in this country. And our motoring media here would be all over it.

    But there is no actual evidence of that at all.

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    Hi, were you also experiencing loud squeaking when reversing or only when driving forward intermittently? My dealer has replaced the rear breakes under the TSB but the problem still presists. Just wondering if that TSB you stated is the correction for the rear issue.

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    Pads sometimes squeal in reverse, especially when damp. It*s really nothing to worry about and if they fix it with new parts it*ll probably come back again.

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