Evening all,

Did my first ever brake fluid drain and fill (like, ever in my life). Thank you to whoever posted the detailed pictures and description of the process. It was a breeze requiring only a 10mm wrench, fluid collector and a bottle of brake fluid.

I found this guy on Amazon: Allstar Performance ALL11017 Bleeder Bottle with Magnet and Check Valve https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00F9XHVKA..._PDiIBbSXQ9Q47

It worked extremely well. It has a built in check valve to allow you to do the job alone. The valve held at all times and I never saw any air going back up and towards the calipers. My wife helped me with the first caliper as I wanted to watch it and make sure it was doing its job. After that one, I sent her on her way (the brake is hard! Itís squishy now! Is this normal!?). Lol. Love her to death but it reinforced why I got the bottle with the check valve.

I highly recommend this product. You can probably fashion one by throwing a check valve on a bottle of your own. I bought this one out of sheer convenience and it did the job well.

Next time I wonít let the fluid go unchanged so long. Had 57k on the fluid, 6 years old and was the factory fill. Thankfully the color wasnít too bad. Definitely an amber color, but not dark amber. Replaced with Valvoline Synthetic DOT 3 or 4 fluid. Needed almost the whole larger bottle to do the job as I drained too much from the rear calipers due to my inexperience. Smaller bottle would never do the whole job though.