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Thread: CX-9 2016 - Red Soul Paint Issues

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    CX-9 2016 - Red Soul Paint Issues

    I have Owned a Previous CX-9 2008 Galaxy Gray - Never had a problem with the paint or anything else for that matter - that vehicle was involved in a head on collision - so it was totaled -
    I was very happy with the 2008 so I Purchased a Slightly Used 2016 CX-9 which only had 3600 miles on it in August of 2017 *. Here we are 1 year later and there must be at least 20 chips of paint on the hood and a few on each of the front fenders ( What makes it very obvious is its Silver under the Red)- I have taken it to the dealership and they had me bring it back when the district field rep was there - * He Said that this is "Normal" wear and tear *. that the paint Mazda is using these days is Water Based and that all the vehicles are chipping (meaning All the vehicles not just Mazda are using water based paint) .. REALLY When You PAY $50,000 for a car that is only 2 years old and it has this many issues with the paint This is Not Something we Want to Hear ..... and Mazda wants to tell me that this is NORMAL wear and tear.... So I Called the Headquarters in California * They said they can understand my frustration on my purchase - but that they can not override the District field reps. decision.. ( mind you they took my car behind the wall to view it) and the Service Manager came out to give me the news - NOT the District Field Rep.. That they aren't going to stand behind their product * Looking online - I don't see any other paint issues with Any of the Other paint colors used on Mazda's ??? Just put in the color RED SOUL and MAZDA comes up mostly (CX-5) Also the RED SOUL Paint - is a 3 layer process - not a easy match *. HAD I KNOWN - I would have never purchased this vehicle - Im new to this site - will post pictures - when I can figure that out!
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    Mazda paint is very thin. You really have to go true luxury brand names for better thicker paint. BTW how you figure $50k?

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    I mean I could see how you would be upset...if you paid anywhere near 50k for a used, 2016 lol

    Honestly, Mazda doesn't know if you got caught up behind a dump truck or something so they won't do anything on a car that's 2+ years old with that kind of mileage. Your best bet is to have a professional detailer look it over to see what he can and can't fix (or a body shop to repaint; pricey!).. Then put on PPF (Paint Protection Film) or, if you would like to save a little money, ceramic coating.
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    How did you get to 50k for a used GT? Even factoring in all of the options and the extended warranty, I don't understand how the price could jump so much, especially for a used vehicle. Anyway..

    What's the current mileage on the car? Highway driven or city driven? Do you tailgate often? All relevant factors that would have an effect on the issue at hand.

    If Mazda can't help you, I'd suggest getting the paint fixed professionally, then getting paint protection film installed immediately after the paint cures.

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    All cars chip easily. It comes down to the road condition and traffic. Your best option is to go through insurance to claim the rock chips and having clear armor applied to the hood/fender/bumper. Most popular brand is Xpel.

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