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Thread: rear sway bar end link sizes

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    rear sway bar end link sizes

    I'm replacing the rear sway bar end links and RockAuto sells two lengths: 187mm and 220mm. it also lists some as fitting the "sport suspension", which I thought the P5 has as opposed to the regular protege. Will either size fit?

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    That's right,.. All P5's came with sport suspension but I don't know if it's the same suspension as a regular protégé with the sport suspension upgrade ??
    Rockauto lists all kinds of choices including overall length and stud to stud length.
    A lot of guys have their car lowered, maybe that has something to do with it too.

    Rockauto is usually pretty good with listing the proper parts for any car, but you could easily end up with the wrong part.
    One guy had his sway bar flip upside down from having the wrong length end link.

    Somebody here on the forum must know.
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    probably best to measure yours before ordering them
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