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Thread: More Issues With the P5

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    More Issues With the P5

    Has anyone experienced this?
    When I'm driving, the car will drop a few hundred RPM and then raise again back to the original RPM abruptly and the car will lurch very violently and make a horrible sounding clunk (I assume that is the gearbox or something cause the gear shift moves back and forth violently.) I'm praying that is the misfire issue and not a broken transmission as it only does it randomly and not too often and doesn't matter what gear it is is.
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    Mods List
    - JVC head unit
    -Sound Ordinance Sub woofer
    -WeatherTech Rain Guards
    -HKS axle back
    -MP3 Flashed ECU (removed)
    -MazdaSpeed Protege Turbo kit
    -Tein S tech springs
    -KYB Struts
    -MSP Rear Sway Bar
    -CR3 Relocation Brackets
    -FMIC kit

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    This is all I got...

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