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Thread: 2003 Protege Coolant Change question?

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    2003 Protege Coolant Change question?

    When changing coolant on a 2003 Protege 1.6L, how do you drain the radiator and engine block and after doing this how would you get the proper 50/50 mix added back in? Wouldn't residual coolant in the radiator system overdilute the 50/50 mix? Thanks.

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    2003 Protege Coolant Change question?

    On the bottom of the radiator there is a valve that will drain the radiator. After that you should disconnect the coolant bottle and dump that. Now if you already had 50/50 in the vehicle and add 50/50 you still have 50/50.
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    I flush the rad with distilled water then fill with premixed. Washes out all sorts of crud ( from mine ).

    Really good step by step can be found here:

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