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Thread: RX-7 Owner looking for life!

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    RX-7 Owner looking for life!

    Well it seems that the rotary forums have officially died and there is nobody left to talk to. So I have come here in hopes to find new life and people who are intrested in Mazda's like I am!

    * I have 3 Mazda RX7s atm,* I have a 1990 right hand drive Savannah, a 1989 GTUS and a 1988 SE. The right hand drive is undergoing a 2jz swap.* However the other 2 are still rotary.* The GTUS is a custom built 6 port Turbo motor, the SE is a non Turbo stock 13B. I have been building rotary cars for over 15 years now. Probably on close to 200 of these cars now.

    *My kid as well as my wife also have* My kid as well as my wife also have mazda rx7s. But I'll let them introduce themselves!*

    looking forward to meeting new rx7 people, cool mazda fans and watching neat builds come along!

    follow my builds and see past builds here as well:

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    Welcome and thanks for joining Mazdas247!

    There are plenty of people interested in Mazdas here...Would love to see pics of your RX-7 collection if possible!

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    A little late to the thread, but is this the Joe Maddox of "JM CLassic Imports"? A business that has been identified as a scam on other rotary specific forums? The Joe Maddox that has been banned from
    93(VR+FD)+(PFS/PFC)-(EGR+AP+DT+AST) = RX7+R1(REW/AI)+WOT@10(1.1psi)

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