Hello you!

I know I could search this, and I have.....but I've come up with varied answers.
Suppose if I keep digging I could find more but this is a nice way to say hello too.

This is my first post!
I live in Singapore but my car is in Canada where I'll be going to get it soon.

A year ago I bought myself a copper red 2008 GT manual notchback.
It has only 68,000 miles on it and is mint.

Despite being low K it is still 10 years old and things get creaky and groany.

Right now it is getting a total brand new suspension.
Eibach Pro kit springs and some new but relatively calm KYB Excel-G dampers for each corner.
This will lower it a slight amount.
1.2 and 1.4 I believe.

It will freshen up the bounce.

To make it look better I found a smoking deal on a set of 2004 18" RX8 wheels and tires.
Picked them up yesterday and cleaned them up nice.
Some rash but good from far!

The stock tires on my car are 205/50/R17.
The RX8 tires are 225/45/R18.

From what I understand this would have worked without a hitch if I hadn't already lowered the car?
However maybe there will be some rubbing now?

Someone mentioned that I may need to throw a set of 215/40/R18 on the RX8 wheels to make it work.

In your opinion would that be necessary and if so, will I least be able to get by on the 225 until I can get that done?

Thank you so much for your time.
I love my car and can't wait to walk away from it in parking and can't help but to constantly look back.