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Thread: Took First Road trip in our 2018 CX-5..36.1 MPG!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xeler8ing View Post
    Just did the same trip again but with 3 people on board, with air conditioning running and several times had to floor it whilst already doing 100km/h (62mph) to overtake wayward *i*d*i*o*t*s* drivers on the motorway - 7.6L/100KM. I am pleased
    About 31 MPG, that is good. I got ~29 MPG over 1600+ miles where the speed limit was anywhere from 55 o 70 mph. I generally drive 9 miles faster than the posted speed limit (so speed varied between 55-79 mph). The only issue is the road noise, which as I get older, bothers e more.
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    Fair enough. Road noise was at a minimum for most of the trip. On occasion it was a bit more due to road surface type but compared to my previous Mazda 6 which had done the same trip, the CX-5 is still much quieter.

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