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Thread: Factory Remote Start Install

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    Lightbulb Factory Remote Start Install

    Much thanks to TreyP for posting Factory Remote Starter - Install and Program. The photos are gone but it still went a long way to help with the harness which is the hardest part just because I didn't feel confident. The terminals are not really offset like the instructions show. (Now I just need to clean up the tape and wires.)

    I completed the install on my 2018 6 SG without a problem. Part #: C960-V7-620, GBFN-V7-630 and KD53-V7-629A for $384.99 shipped.

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    I have cx-9 . I couldn*t find the vehicle harness 8 pin connector inside the car to coneect C960-v7-620.
    Did face the same issue?

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