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Thread: 2019 CX-9 feature list

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    I think that*s proof enough :-) Thanks for pointing out the differences.
    I*m afraid it*s going to be some cheesy badge that*s going to make the car look bad. So I*m curious to see it. I look everyday and signature pictures available anywhere in the US.

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    Not to beat a dead horse and/or for anyone interested, here is a listing of a 2019 Mazda CX-9 AWD Signature with actual pictures. I'm having a hard time seeing the distinctive Signature badging that was supposed to be a 2019 change. FWIW, I don't really care about the badge, but for anyone interested, it seems that there is no badge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by warwick5s View Post
    the one thing on this list I want the most are the power folding mirrors? I'd assume that those mirrors ALSO then sync to seat memory, right? Don't they overseas?
    I just learned that the mirrors are not linked to the memory seat settings. That's very disappointing as I share the car with my wife. It's gonna suck to have to adjust mirrors every time you get in the car. We got spoiled that our current car has the mirrors linked to memory setting. I hope with the 2019 updating to powered mirrors they will include memory settings.

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