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Thread: Only OEM windshield for now.

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    2017 CX5 GT FWD

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    I just drove away from Safelite in Missouri. The windshield is on back order after mine cracked (and continues to crack) after a rock chip. This will cost me $566, when a windshield becomes available. This could take weeks though.

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    My 2016 CX5 GT just got a cracked windshield again. First one was replaced in 2015, back then it took over 3 month to get a new windshield.
    It appears if the hit is near the edge it will crack very easily.

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    I have done my windshield replacement in 2018 and till now it's clean and clear and t's been done by safelite.

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    My 16 has about three hits on it now. A couple of streaks along the right side that I couldnt glue quick enough.

    I try to always carry a RainX kit. I think they have the best glue. If you glue a star right away it works best. If you wait til you get to a shop it can and usually will spread.

    I kind of think one of them was spontaneous or due to a defect but I wonder if the newer OEM windshields are thicker?

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    Arrow Only OEM windshield for now.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mazdiod2 View Post
    ⋯ I kind of think one of them was spontaneous or due to a defect but I wonder if the newer OEM windshields are thicker?
    Yeah the windshield on newer gen-2 CX-5 is definitely a bit thicker due to the use of acoustic laminated glass. But this doesn’t mean it’d be stronger against rock-hit.

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    driving in Arizona means going through windshields faster than tires + so many people drive huge work pickup trucks with large tires and throw small stones everywhere on the city highways.
    I also keep RainX chip repair at hand.

    To me it seems the 2nd gen windshield is very fragile too. I usually have to repair at least 1 chip every other month.

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    My CX5 GT 2017 had a windshield replacement in the just less than a year. The glass was replaced and done by Safelite.

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    Made in USA Pilkington windshield here. OEM supplier for Lexus and others. In Arizona Insurance companies are required to offer windshield coverage but not include it to coverage . It's a groovy windshield to rock (no pun intended)

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    I've replaced two windshields on my GTR since buying it last Feb. The first was in March and the second two weeks ago. Safelite could not find a windshield in stock anywhere and told me they were on national backorder. I called the dealer and they found one in 10 minutes. They recommended a mobile service and it was replaced two days later.

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