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Thread: Disable power lift gate BEEP BEEP?

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    Cool thanks, and yeah those edges are sharp lol!

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    Stopping tailgate beep when left open while driving. I picked up a washing machine and I had to come home with the tailgate tied down but open. The beeping was non stop all the way home. Wish that there was an option to mute it in those situations

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    I did it on my 2017.
    Here is what you do.
    Open the tailgate.
    Manually move the latch to lock position.
    The beep will stop since it thinks the tailgate is closed.

    After unloading your stuff, make sure you unlock the tailgate first before closing the tailgate.
    Use the fob to unlock it.

    It worked for me, but someone on this forum said otherwise. So, you can try it out.
    Maybe diff models work differently...
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