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Thread: 2017 Mazda cx 9 front suspension clunking/knocking noise

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    I still haven't had a chance to take my car back to the dealership. I do periodically check back on this forum for any new information regarding the clunking issue. After reading OKC_CX9 post, I decided to pop my hood and noticed that two plastic piece were rubbing against each other on the driver side of the cowl area. I put a piece of sink rubber gasket in between the two plastic, I think that took care of my clunking issue, at least I hope so. I did test drive around few speed bumps in my area, so far so good, no clunking noise. I hope this completely solved my issue, I will report back when I drive the car more and see if the noise if still there.[IMG][/IMG][IMG][/IMG]

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    James, it appears that either a piece (that you replaced with your temporary rubber bit) is missing, or something is allowing those parts to move more than was intended. If you find out, please let us all know.

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    Awesome! Glad to hear my find helped someone at least!

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    Quote Originally Posted by greggmischenko View Post
    Just inside each strut tower (the towers each have 3 silver bolts/nuts) there is a brace/bracket between the two towers (black horizontal bar in picture below). Each end of this bracket has 2 black bolts/screws that hold it in place and these are what need to be tightened. 12mm IIRC.

    Thank YOU!

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