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Thread: New CX-5 GT MMS Remote Start

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    New CX-5 GT MMS Remote Start

    Hi everyone, this is my first post, my first Mazda and with that my First CX-5 GT. When I bought the vehicle I told them I wanted "The Remove Start" which they didn't take as the MMS System or even a factory system so they installed some cheap after market system that already had prevented me from unlocking the vehicle with the factory fob and the door button, I actually had to use the key to unlock it.

    Anyway I really wanted to factory MMS System, coming from Nissan's before this and their "Connect" App I thought that the Mazda one would be just as good but I am seeing some old review of the system as being unreliable and plagued with lots of issues.

    Has this been resolved? I searched here and don't see any recent posts other than comments about the yearly fee which I understand any "Connect" System will have eventually.

    I really want something that works properly with the vehicle, I've had so many issues over the years with various remote starters even high end one that makes the factory systems more attractive.

    Anyone out there have it / use it / has the app gotten updated / better / more reliable?

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    The MMS system is notorious for unreliability but it seems that the app received an updatea few months ago:

    But overall it's years behind Ford Pass and other remote car systems.

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    Hi there,

    New to this forum and was also interested in MMS remote start (I think they call it mobile start). Does anybody have first hand experience with this?


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