I recently started having my 2014 CX-9 FWD transmission "jerk" hard when put into drive after driving for a bit. Took it to the dealer and they said it has a faulty TCM and that they could not re-image the TCM on the vehicle so it needed to be replaced.

I found a TCM from a 2011 CX-9 - same model FWD/Sport. The part number is slightly different - MPNAWB0189E1B vs MPNAWB0189E1H which is on the car.

Looks like they replaced the B w/ an H at some point and you can't buy the B anymore.

So question - Will I need to get this TCM reprogrammed? or can I just install it? And is that something that needs to be done first or after it is installed (i.e. take it somewhere and have them install/reflash it). Installation seems pretty straight forward but I don't want to install it to find out it I have to get it flashed first, take it off/on again after the reflash.

Not finding much info on the web about the CX-9 and it's TCM.