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Thread: 2002 auto to 2003 manual engine swap

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    2002 auto to 2003 manual engine swap

    Hello, this is my first time posting, although I have read many posts about various issues I've had over the past couple years with my 2003 Mazda Protege with a manual transmission. I picked it up a couple years ago for like $1200, and it was burning oil like a bandit even back then. I put a ton of miles on it over those years and all of my repairs ended up being fairly small. I replaced the radiator, and it now has a lifetime warranty, same with both of the ignition coils, and I have a 5 year warranty on the battery i just picked up from walmart, some new windshield wipers. I have 4 new tires on it with warranty from America's tire. I just installed a bluetooth deck my friend gave me for free since he bought it for his girl and she didn't want it cause it wasn't a touchscreen. All in all it's been a great little get around and I haven't had to put too much into it besides the parts I listed above. Then boom, it started overheating, the problems got worse and worse. I tried to swap out the parts, new radiator, new thermostat, to no avail. Most likely a blown head gasket, even worse is the burning oil. Engine is due for a rebuild. I'm not the best mechanic, or a confident one I would say. However, I just found a 2002 Protege with 130,000 miles that was hit in the side. I was thinking about buying that one and swaping out the engine, and various other bits that my car might need, like the driver's seat since mine has a tear. He is selling it for $300, so it seems like it would be a great deal. The catch, it's automatic and a 2002. Will I be able to swap out this engine?

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    Same engine. You’ll have to swap over the flywheel and clutch. But all is same
    Be happy!

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