Hi guys,
I bought a brand new Mazda6 GT in february. I've heard that rattling noise from the dashboard especially from the passangers side is common. Coming to my scenario i went to the dealer within one month with similar complaint and buzzy speaker on the drivers side, they thought the rattling is from the remote starter wiring so installed some "noise dampening" foam around the wiring and replaced the faulty speaker with a new one, I don't know to what extent faulty or buzzy speakers are common in new cars, but the rattling was still there. After a week i went again they installed more of that foam but useless, all this while i didn't realize that one my console or maps light was not working. When i went the third time they said wiring was not proper and connection was intermittent so they order equipment and took a week and my steering wheel started to make some weird noise when i turn left paricularly.

After a week they fixed the light but the noise was still there and it was getting worst because of all these repairs, i was able to record it on my phone, i was wearing my sunglasses . So i decided to make one last attempt and leave the car with them as long as they need, it happened to be 10 days. They took out the whole dashboard and installed some foam on some wirings and replaced the left-right turn signal switch as they thought it was helping the noise from the steering wheel. When i went back after 10 days the service manager had the defective turn signal switch with him and asked me whether i have any idea about the wiring connected to the switch "did you do anything with the wiring?", i said no!, manager says " well i have no idea what these wirings are for, i thought they are connected to remote starter but it seems to be working fine, so lets just forget about it". I was so naive to listen to him and take the car back. but as soon i hit the road the rattling sounded worst than ever as they removed the dashboard and i started to hear weird noises from the AC console. I waited a few days thinking it might go away but it didn't.

So i left the sales manager an email asking for a better solution or total refund. We deciding to go for a drive to prove the noises actually exist but to my luck the AC console didn't even whisper and the guy found all the other noises are just fine and normal ,We drove about 30 minutes and i asked him a few times about the wiring from the switch and he ignored it. After the drive he said "email me if you hear the noise again". I gave myself a week and heard the noise few times and emailed him regarding both the noise and wiring again he responded back saying there is nothing he can do about the noise since he didn't hear it and totally ignored the wiring the part.

I'm loosing trust in this car and people. After all those parts replacement and repairs within just 3 months after purchase. Does know about the wiring which goes through the turn-signal switch? Now I'm not sure what to do next. Shall i just go ahead and contact Mazda Canada or proceed legally? as these dealership guys seems to be of no help. Suggest me something guys, it really helps!

It's a long story but hope you guys how I'm feeling.