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Hey Guys,

So just to update, it turns out Amazon sent me the wrong tie rod ends. I have no idea what vehicle these are for but the part number on the box was ES3660. I have no idea how they got that mixed but it was a completely different tie rod. i took pictures but having to host them somewhere to post them here is kind of a pain. unless I'm not doing something right. But anyways, I ended up getting the AC delco tir rod ends and these fit correctly and got them in no problem.

However, The pop noise did not go away so what I've been told now is that it is going to be the CV axles. In the past I did a swap on a honda civic and from what I remember it wasn't very hard. But having said that if there's any links/videos/tutorials on how to replace these on the P5 I'd appreciate any info on this as this will be my next task on this car. As always thanks for your help!
Check your endlinks too. The little knock I was getting in curves went away after I replaced mine.