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Thread: 2018 CX-9 Remote Start - Fortin Evo-ALL / THAR-MAZ1 Install Questions

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    2018 CX-9 Remote Start - Fortin Evo-ALL / THAR-MAZ1 Install Questions

    I was reading a previous post regarding the 2018 CX-9 with the Fortin EVO-ONE and the THAR-ONE-MAZ3 T-Harness. Has anyone tested the EVO-ALL and the THAR-MAZ1 T-Harness in a 2018 CX-9. I am under the impression both setups are compatible and both should function the same for the 3X remote start function. I am getting ready to order the THAR-MAZ1 / EVO-ALL and the Flashlink 2 Programmer to do an install. It looks like I can get the hardware for around $116.00 and install and program it myself if this would be a working setup. Any advice on this would be appreciated, I would just revert to the last post's recommendation but the cost of the EVO-ONE / MAZ3 setup is like double. If it's all the same I'd like to save the cash. Thanks for looking!

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    I posted on the other thread too, but the 1 is not "plug and play" and it requires splicing/soldering/etc.

    The 3 is a complete two sided harness.

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