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Thread: Oil Catch Can for 2017~2018 CX-5?

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    I'd be interested to know if Mazda would be open to an aftermarket oil can installation not affecting the warranty. I've been reading about oil cans because I'm looking at new cars and they all have direct inject engines, and I read where a guy had an issue with either Ford or Chevy refusing a major engine repair under warranty (complete loss of oil pressure) at 20,000 miles because the guy installed an oil can. Of course, who knows what all the facts really are...

    Regarding valve cleaning, I've seen multiple step maintenance-cleaning products (generally at 20,000 mile intervals) as a preventative. This is injected through the throttle body to clean the back of the valves, in combination with gas tank additive. My brother is a mechanic and told me about them. I've read no reviews of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sm1ke View Post
    What is the "Italian tune-up"?
    Synonymous with expensive Italian super/sports cars (when carbs were in) that weren't driven very often and when they were, they were babied. The owners would then take them in for service because the owners complained about something something with way the engine ran.

    Well, the mechanics usually determined the car was never appropriately given the beans and they would proceed to do just that. Just as Humid Hummus said, the car's engine, after reaching operating temps was flogged to redline as the engine designers intended them to be used. Doing this on a "quick" 20-30 minute drive usually cleared up any foul running engine as things were "burned" away under the aggressive engine rpms. I could be totally wrong on most of this, but multiple pulls to redline to get the juices flowing is considered an Italian tune-up.

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