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Thread: Fuel tank breather hose

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    Fuel tank breather hose

    Hey guys/gals!

    Recently I replaced the fuel pump in my 06 Mazda 3. When putting it back together, I noticed a black o-ring which I placed in the breather hose and then after I finished up and started cleaning up, I found another (green) o-ring. 🤦🏻*♂️. I’m fairly certain these came from the breather hose since that’s the only thing that it’s seems like it could fit. Does anyone know the part number of that hose or have a parts diagram for it? I just want to double check the order in which the pieces go in the hose.

    Oh, and the reason for my concern is that it threw a p0455 and p2188 code after it was all back together. Just guessing it isn’t a coincidence.

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