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Thread: Cx-9 2018 mrcc ic asbuilt

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    Smile Cx-9 2018 mrcc ic asbuilt

    Hi everyone,
    I got my brand new 2018 CX-9 few months ago, equipped with NON-STOP & GO MRCC ( Only enabled from 30km/h to 145km/h).
    I was trying to enable the full STOP & GO function (from 0km/h to 145km/h),
    And now I need you kindness help to share the STOP & GO MRCC modelís IC ASBUILT codes.
    Any advice or suggestions are welcome.
    Thank you.

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    I would try finding the VIN of one that has that feature, and using that to download the as built values from the Ford site. I would check a dealer's website for one, since they always display the VINs of their inventory.

    Edit: from what I could tell last time I checked forscan, the CX-9 doesn't have very many as built values available to see/modify. I only have a Touring with Premium Package, but I'm happy to share mine to help others figure out what the values do
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