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Thread: ABS and Brake lights on intermttantly

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    ABS and Brake lights on intermttantly

    Hello folks,

    I looked through the ABS posts and did not see an answer to my question. I have been periodically having my ABS and Brake lights come on in the instrument cluster. Some times when I start the car, they are both off. I drive 25-30 miles and the both come back on. I know the intermittent problems are the worse to diagnose. Following section 04-02 (starting with page 04-02-3) of the service manual (SM), I jumped the appropriate terminal of the DLC to ground. I only see 1 DTC but it is not listed in the SM. I watched the flashes multiple times and saw the 3 second ABS light flash followed by 0 "tens" position flashes and 3 "ones" position flashes. To me that code would be 03. I have gone through the reset procedure and sometimes the lights will stay off for 25-30 miles again or come on immediately when I start the car.

    Can anyone shed some light on what I might be dealing with here? Have I uncovered a secret code or am I doing something wrong?

    Thanks for the help!


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    Do you or a friend have a scan tool?? It may guide you in the right direction..that's why I like cars without abs..

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