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Thread: No fire under the hood

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    The Diagram Dude pcb's Avatar

    2002 mazda protege 5

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    Wow !! Didn't see that coming.

    I hope you get it up and running without too much headache.
    The Diagram Dude

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    Finally had the motor swapped out. New motor has 104k, so the timing belt/pump kit was installed. New radiator added. Took a 600 mile trip to break it in!

    Headaches? Well the first yard couldn't find the motor they stated they had. Second yard want $2k for a 100K+, third yard had the 104k at $1K. Then toss in the 4th holiday and it took even longer to get completed. Rather they take their time than rush the job.

    Thanks for all the input and help.
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    You can't leave it hangine like that... lol. Any indication for sure what happened to the old motor?

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