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Thread: Crack in taillight lens

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    Crack in taillight lens

    I recently bought a new 2018 Touring. (Very nice) My son is taking my 2015 Sport. When I was cleaning up the Sport I found a star type crack in the passenger side taillight. I suspect the lens is not replaceable by itself. No moisture inside. I would like to do a repair of some kind. My first thought is thin instant glue applied to the center of the star since that's the only place I feel roughness. I'm hoping that would wick in. Or maybe a smear of clear silicone. Most epoxy are not good with UV but there are some that resist it. Any thoughts? Would like to avoid a full replacement since I detect no moisture,

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    I'd go the silicone route if I were you. Make sure you get something that's UV resistant.

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    Don't know anything about this, but it sounds like just the ticket.

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    I think clear silicone will be better. Instant glue doesn't bond well and some brands actually "melt" the plastic and leave a ugly white residue. Also the coefficient of thermal expansion of instant glue versus the oem plastic maybe different under the hot sun or winter ice so it may actually make it worse and crack more. Just use clear silicone and call it the day...just my 2 cents....

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    +1 clear silicone

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    On the right track to seal it.

    With the GTs there's a circuit board inside the tail lamp and you really don't want moisture in there given the assembly is $$$$.

    Even though OP is a touring, moisture in a tail light not good in winter if in a cold climate region.

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    If there is a star take the smallest drill bit you can find and drill the middle, then put clear automotive silicon on it. Drilling stops the crack spreading.

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    Thank you all. I think we'll go with the small hole drill and silicone sealing.

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    How about using your warranty right. It is a 2018 model after all!

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    Quote Originally Posted by raj55 View Post
    How about using your warranty right. It is a 2018 model after all!
    No it is a 2015 model they are working on.
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