Good afternoon folks,

I have a 2017 Mazda CX-5 Touring with about 11000KM on the odo. I recently had the tires replaced by Yokohama due to a manufacturing defect (Dry rot @ 10K). After having the tires replaced I am noticing a vibration, almost notchy feeling in the steering when turning slightly at highway speed (e.g. just slightly moving the wheel to the right or left (or back in forth just in the lane)). There doesn't seem to be any vibration or noise when going straight, ONLY when moving the wheel to the left or right. The wheel has zero shake going straight, but when turning I can even see the notchyness/vibration in my hand (this sounds odd, but if it's happened to you you'll know what I mean) Does not happen in town, tires are Yokohama GeoLander G055's (17s) with about 300KM on them now, Installed by the mazda dealer (after 2.5 weeks of waiting for them to be shipped, car sitting on a lift @ mazda, rental ford edge). Pressures are all at 32PSI. Has anyone ever experienced this? Thanks in advance!