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Thread: 2016 NAV Question

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    2016 NAV Question

    I use my GPS a couple of times per day for work reasons in my area so I'm very familiar with entering addresses.

    A couple of weeks ago, we were going to a wedding in Walla Walla, Washington, driving from Pendleton Oregon. This is only about 40 miles. The nav system wouldn't allow me to enter an address in Washington. I had to wait until crossing state lines to do so. WTH? We ended up using Google Maps on my phone. I prefer the large screen in the dashboard.

    Am I missing something?

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    Did you attempt using voice command for the address input instead?

    I recall coming across this once, trying to input address manually, and then I found the spot to enter the state... I don't recall how I got there, only that it was there. LOL sorry can not be of more help...
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    The state is selected under the country portion. It's not a problem to input an out of state address, as I do it all the time when I drive down to NJ to visit my parents.

    If you click on the country, you can change the state there. When you see it from the menu you'll only see US listed, but once you click it you'll see something like Maine, United States.

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    When you do a New Destination and then Find Address or Points of Interest you will see United States, Oregon (or whatever state you are in) on the second line down from the top. Select that and change to whatever state or country you need.

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    Thanks everyone. It seems like I tried some of the options noted, but under time pressure, who knows what I actually did. I know I tried changing states--United States, Washington and so forth, but I may have missed a step in the hurry-confusion.

    I generally like the NAV system, but I know the Portland Metro Area very well and only rely on it to zero-in to an address in the last half mile or so. It seems like a big flaw to have to change states when you're pretty much at the border already. Yikes.

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