I've gone through the reset process several times with my memory seats, but this continues to resurface. I set my memory seats for setting 1 all the way back and all the way down - as I'm 6'3". I execute the same setting on my key fob as well as the seat button on the side of the driver seat. it seems to stay in the proper location for several days but then slowly over time the seat location resets and elevates and moves closer to the steering wheel until it is eventually at the highest possible seat location. I've had the dealership look at the issue but they couldn't get it to misbehave after 45 minutes or so of trying. The next step with them is that they will keep the car and try this on their own for an extended period. They've been great to work with - I have no complaints with the level of service I've received. There also does not appear to be a TSB developed yet on this issue. I'm wondering if anyone else has this going on or if it's just an extremely isolated case. Any thoughts or suggestions of potential solutions are welcomed also. Thanks!