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Thread: Jerks forward when shifting into reverse, and wont reverse.

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    Red face Jerks forward when shifting into reverse, and wont reverse.

    Some background:

    Recently purchased, shifted a little rough, noticed the fluid was dark, and planned on changing it a week later. AT light came on and a code for solenoid "D" stuck off, and 4/5 gear would slip. Dropped the pan, new filter, and did a drain in fill 3 times until fluids came out bright red. Put some Amsoil ATF in that meets the M-V requirements and a bottle of Lucas trans fix, shifted butter smooth and zero slipping for about a day. Then the fun stuff, drove it and started slipping in 4/5 again so drove it home and tried to reverse and nothing...

    So now when I go from neutral to Reverse the car jerks forward like I put it in Drive and won't move and barely revs to 3k rpms.

    -Reverse lights turn on when shifted into R
    -Disconnected shifter cable to make sure it wasn't out of adjustment, its not.
    -2008 Mazda 3, AT 5 speed with 135k miles.

    What are the odds of all those drain and fills plus the lucas additive that some debris got dislodged and blocking a passage way to Solenoid "D"?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Have seen both "A" and "D" fault codes so far so decided to drop the pan again. Tested all the solenoids, and all tested good. AT light still comes on, won't shift into reverse, 2nd gear sounds sluggish, and doesn't slip anymore.

    I'm at a loss, only other thing I can think of is the TCM because of the fault codes and yet they checked good.


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