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Thread: Walk-Away Locking.. faulty or normal?

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    Mine is spotty, too. All of the doors must be closed "properly" for the closed door sensor to activate. There is no sensor near the front of the car. Walking around the front will cause a lock. There is a sensor in the rear; walk around the back of the car to prevent auto lock. My cell phone interferes with the lock/unlock signals, keep it in another pocket/place.

    Trick: If you are near the car anyone can open any door that has an unlock button. To prevent this, at least partially open the driver's door. None of the other doors will unlock/open, preventing unauthorized entry through another door.
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    Walk-Away Locking.. faulty or normal?

    Quote Originally Posted by 7eregrine View Post
    My keys spend much of thier life here. Your method is going to screw me over frequently.
    Cleveland must be a low car crime area? In my neck of the woods (Seattle) your CX5 would be gone in a flash. Dozens of cars are stolen every day.

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    Well you can't blanket the entire city as having the same crimes everywhere. There are many safe neighborhoods and some not so safe. For many years if you worked for the safety forces you had to live in Cleveland proper. That's no longer the case but there are still a lot of police and firefighters in my neighborhood. I live next door to a Detective.
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    I understand that. There are a lot of variables. Since the area I live in has two major ports, a lot of stolen vehicles end up overseas. LA is another example.

    Incidentally, the port of Tacoma is a major Mazda entry port along with many other foreign makes.

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    For reference, details re operating range:

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