I replaced my clutch and Flywheel about 10k ago and tho the new flywheel is OEM I bought a cheap Excedy kit. I must say I drive this van like a racecar and I have even autocrossed it, and plan to bring it to a track day too. The other day I showed some punk on a rice bucket revving his engine at me at a stop light what's up, but then the clutch seems to be slipping and the throw out bearing sims to grind and the pedal vibrates.
I need a heavy duty clutch or at least a stage2 upgrade but don't know much about these cars and don't really know what will it fit.
Anyone of you guys know what is a good clutch I can abuse and will not give out on me?
Thank you so much guys.

just for giggles here is a video of me autocrossing the van.