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Thread: 2010 CX-9 GT AWD ABS/TCS problem

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    2010 CX-9 GT AWD ABS/TCS problem

    There is a "whine" that is most apparent at 32-45 mph.... the volume and the frequency of the "whine" it seems is ONLY proportional to actual road speed of the car (e.g., neutral, up or downshift does not change the sound)....

    I found out that by pulling the ABS/TCS fuse from the fuse box... the "WHINING" sound goes away......

    I've also noticed that i can ONLY temporarily turn TCS "OFF"... TCS turns right back on when I get moving again.

    I tried to scour the lists here to find a fix... I didn't find any similar reports (or am I just blind?) ????

    HELP????? !!!!!

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    Well your post makes 2 of us. I also have a 2010 CX9 GT AWD and just replaced the front wheel bearings that were making the usual noise associated when they are failing. After performing the bearing swap, I realized I was too rough on the tie rods and ABS sensors and needed to replace both sets. I was now getting vibrations and it pointed me to the front brakes. The calipers were sticky and rusty in the areas that needed to be smooth and lubricated so I cleaned and wire brushed the pins and slide sockets with new rubber and stainless hardware for the brackets, using special silicone grease for reassembly. I had the rotors machined as they were wavy but within spec according to the fellow at Value auto parts. The ABS sensors also were damaged during disassembly during the wheel bearing repair so I had to buy new ones to fit into the holes on the back of the spindle assembly. Now after all this was done, I test drove the car and thought all was well with very little shake in the wheel almost to the point of saying completely gone but there was like still a barely there shake. Now after 4-500 miles I'm getting a dull roar with a minor shake after a few miles of smooth normal feel driving. I'm running out of patience and hope somebody can direct me to my solution. If you solved your issue, let us know here and it could help some of us in similar predicaments.

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