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Thread: 2017 CX5 AWD GT Clunk sound

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    2017 CX5 AWD GT Clunk sound

    Has anyone experienced intermittent clunking sound, more frequently from under rear seat area possibly strut area and less often in front suspension/drive area. Clunk sound usually occurs when turning wheel hard right when entering a drive way or turning right at an intersections. Left turns not as prominent but does happen. Rarely occurs when straight driving and or going over speed bumps or rough spots. Difficult to recreate at will.
    CX5 has 8000km and have mentioned on this forum, rear calipers are heavily corroded if issue is related?

    Thanks for any feed back or known issues?
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    2018 Canadian GT here, I hear the loud clunk sometimes when going over speed bumps. No idea what it is, maybe the tool kit?
    2018 CX-5 GT w/ Tech AWD
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