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Thread: Engine light on/off

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    Engine light on/off

    So i had the engine light on all yesterday and it turn itself off this morning. Took the car to the dealer for service #2 and they told me they scan the car for the code and it didn't bring back any code. Doesn't Mazda car store historical codes?

    I know in my previous Honda all engine light code are logged.

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    I had an engine light and charging system malfunction warning come up twice now, both times it went off when I restarted the car. The first time I took it to the dealer I bought the car from, they found no codes. The second time, about a year later, I took it to my preferred dealer, who found codes, found a TSB and updated a computer.

    I donít know how Mazda stores codes, but there is a reason the dealer I bought the car from is no longer the preferred dealer.

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