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Thread: Aftermarket rods on pistons. What rods do I need to make this work?

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    Aftermarket rods on pistons. What rods do I need to make this work?

    I'm literally in the middle of rebuilding my block, yes the conventional thinking is to just go forged pistons too since im in there, build for the future blah blah blah. I get that, but im on a budget and im not going for high power anyways (about 250whp) since the trans cant handle much more than that anyways stock. So with that being said, if I can get aftermarket rods on some stock pistons, it would save a ton of money. And why spend the money on pistons if I don't need to?

    So anyways, i'm told it has/can be done, so what rods work with this? I know stock pistons are pressed apparently. Who has knowledge of this? I need some help
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