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Thread: Tools Every Mazda Owner Needs in their Garage

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    Tools Every Mazda Owner Needs in their Garage

    Tools Every Mazda Owner Needs Whether you only change your oil or have done multiple engine swaps in your garage, its necessary to have the right tools for the job. Since we do everything from engine builds to big brake kits here at CorkSport, we definitely spent a lot of time wrenching, and have discovered … Continue reading "Tools Every Mazda Owner Needs in their Garage"

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    I also have:
    1. a set of very long needle nose pliers with one that is used to install/remove hose.
    2. a set of easy-out tools to extract broken off bolts.
    3. a mechanic's stethoscope.
    4. three pairs of ramps - Rhino ramps for the MX5, steel ramps + extensions for the Mazda3, and some homemade (very small angle) wood ramps for front and rear (made for my 01 Corvette that I sold in 2014).
    5. a Craftsman hat with built-in LED light.
    6. Scangauge that doubles as a 4-gauge display. It reads and erases codes when needed.

    While I do have an oxygen sensor removal tool, you can borrow one from some auto parts stores - just leave a security deposit.
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