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Thread: Different engine for 08 3.7 failure

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    Different engine for 08 3.7 failure

    Hoping to find out if there’s a different engine that can be used for the 08 Cx-9 3.7 “v” without much more than a computer swap if needed. Want a cheaper replacement than a used 3.7. I have googled to no success and only found someone asking same question.

    Appreciate any concrete answers so I can pick a bullet.

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    Mitsubishi 3.5 & 3.8l V-6 will work as will most early model Pontiac straight sixes. The most common replacement reuses the entire front cradle and drive assy from a 2009-12 Caravan. Apparently, they are bolted in only using six to eight 10 mm bolts. The wiring harness only needs the orange for power and the yellow/black stripe for a ground.

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