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Thread: OT: TrueDelta going on hiatus

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    OT: TrueDelta going on hiatus

    I just received this email.

    "A big thank you to everyone who has helped with TrueDelta's Car Reliability Survey. We're proud of what we've accomplished together. Over the past twelve years we've helped countless people.

    Unfortunately, maintaining traffic and revenue (on top of operating the site) has become far too much work for two people. So we've made the difficult decision that the July round of the quarterly survey, the 48th, will be the last for a while, and likely ever.
    What Is Changing, What Is Not
    We'll also no longer update the site's car features and pricing section after the 2018 model year.

    All other parts of the site will continue. You'll still be able to maintain a car maintenance and repair record, track fuel economy, write reviews, and ask and answer "My Next Car?" questions.

    Even without additional rounds of the survey, the site's car reliability information will remain relevant for years. You'll continue to find information here you can find nowhere else. And stats based on our July 2018 survey will remain more recent than you'll find elsewhere through at least October 2019. (Some other sites rely on repair data that's many years old.)

    We're also still going to add a new area to the site, to report which problems are most common.
    New Memberships
    Have friends and family who might be interested in the site's information, but who have never joined? They have until mid-June to join for free. Starting around June 15th, all NEW members will have to purchase a subscription for full access to the site's information.
    How to Keep Your Free Membership
    You can retain your free membership by responding in the upcoming JULY round of the survey. Since the resulting stats will have to last, let's make participation the highest ever!

    Unlike in the past, all models and model years will be included in the July round, so it will then (but not yet) be possible for everyone to respond.

    Accounts with no survey responses in the July round will be deactivated at the end of August. Reactivating a deactivated account will not be free."
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    So... Basically shutting down BUT charging new members?!? Yea, that makes no sense at all.

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