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Thread: Problem with ignition switch

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    Problem with ignition switch


    I'm hoping someone can give advice or a link on how to access and replace the ignition switch. Car is 2009 Mazda5 GT ~150K miles

    Having an intermittent problem where about once a week I'll take the key out but the car thinks it's still in the ignition. It's an easy fix to just stick the key back in, turn it to on and back off, but I'm worried that soon it will fail completely.

    Taking off the column cover seems pretty straight forward, just 3 screws then pull down. Just don't know where to go from that point.

    Appreciate any help, thanks in advance.

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    My 2010 has the same issue. The last time I did not have to put the key back in just moved the cylinder back a little with my finger nail.
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