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Thread: Ignore/Delete first two posts...whole story

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    Ignore/Delete first two posts...whole story

    2002 Protege
    Daughter's Protege died in a drive thru.
    Had it towed to my house.
    While waiting to borrow a friend's code reader;
    Checked coils.
    Checked spark plugs (#1 and 3 from the left were only ones fowled)
    Attached clear tubing from fuel line return to gas can, turned over engine and fuel came out.
    Received code reader and codes were P0340 and P0037.
    Changed camshaft position sensor twice and no start.
    Cleared codes with code reader and just P0037 came back so far but no start.
    Put in new spark plugs and no start.
    The car trys to start occassionally.
    Has spark.
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