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Thread: Window Tint Question

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jman136 View Post
    Hi All!

    I have a couple of questions regarding window tint. I currently have a 17 GT. I currently have 20% Johnson film on my front roll downs. While cleaning the windows today, I noticed several isolated scratches on both windows. I don't recall them being there before, however, if something on/in the door was scratching it, I would imagine I would have long vertical scratches? Most of these were horizontal scratches.

    Has anyone on this forum had any issues with small (or long) scratches on their tint? What brand tint do you all have? I am really thinking about using a better brand like Llumar, Hyper Optix, etc. Do you guys have any recommendations?

    Last, it looks like our window moulding (where the window goes down) is felt, so I am thinking that shouldn't be scratching the windows. I keep my car in pristine condition - both inside and out.

    If someone could give me some thoughts, that would be great!


    Pinnacle F1 is what I used to use, but the only ceramic in my area was some off-brand something or other, but in 3 years I've had zero issues with it either. Ceramic or don't even bother.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaps View Post
    The reason could be users that keep their windows open fairly often. I do see occasional car with its windows rolled down. I rarely do it once in a blue moon - never had issues with scratches.
    However - self tinting side windows is doable - without the need to pre shrink the film. I might find out by weekend if I can get it done myself.
    $93 top quality tint ordered from Northern Tint - also the install tool kit and extra applicator liquid which is just soapy water.
    I will pay $45 to a pro to install rear large window - its a 15 Camry. Lets see - total of 148 doesnt seem bad.
    Not bad at all. Check out Tint World in Grapevine. I had them knock out four vehicles for me and I am usually around $250. I think the wife's car in full ceramic was $275 and it came with the warranty. That said, $150 is tempting
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    Before going into detail..............any pics?

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