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Thread: MPG increase

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    MPG increase

    I've been getting unusually low MPG the last few fill ups, avg. 15MPG city. I don't recall it being this low but shrugged it off. Replaced the fuel injectors a short while back with reman. ones (also rough idle) to see if it might kill two birds with one stone - not really any different. Then I looked into components affecting the fuel system and next in line to tested was the purge valve. Took it out and test it (blow through straw) to see if it open and closed with current - open/close seems fine but I didn't think about volume of air passing through. I bit the bullet and bought a purge value solenoid ($45 shipped OEM on ebay) and figure it is worth replacing considering the age of the car. Bingo! MPG back to normal. I'm not saying this will boost your MPG as many things affect it. Just wanted to share b/c the difference is HUGE and worth $45 gamble.

    Super easy to replace. Easy access right under the hood with engine plastic cover off, top right corner. All you need is a 8mm and 10mm socket with an extension and a pair of plyers to release two hose clamps. Anyone can do it.
    Item# 18-741C
    Part Number: L51818741

    This further confirms my thought that the EGR is likely clogged and causing my idle...
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