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Thread: Upgrading 2010 to Mazda DVD system

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    Upgrading 2010 to Mazda DVD system

    Sorry if this has been covered, I wasn't successful searching.

    I have a 2010 Touring with the basic AM/FM stereo system. I'd like to upgrade it to the factory DVD player option with the 4.3 inch display. I found the Rosen DS-MZ1050 for a reasonable price. I think this is the unit Mazda installed. Is it is easy as unplugging the old system and plugging this in? Or is there more to it?

    I'd like to do this upgrade either way, but if successful, I'd like to add the factory backup camera and navigation. I understand those may be significantly harder to add.


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    If the aim of the exercise is to provide video entertainment to rear seat passengers, you might be better off buying a couple of tablets for them (e.g. Amazon Kindle Fire) - they'll be significantly cheaper.

    I have Mazda factory navigation and it pretty much sucks. Google Maps and Apple Maps are much more up to date are a lot easier to use. If you have a smart phone use that for navigation. The only reason to get the Mazda navigation is if you drive somewhere where there is no cellular connection, even then a TomTom might be a better option.

    I love the backup camera.

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    It's more to get the backup camera working while maintaining a factory looking dash. If I never installed or used the navigation, I'd be fine.

    I've seen an aftermarket backup camera that even works with the factory DVD player system.

    If this is a really bad option, then I'd consider an aftermarket radio DVD and backup camera system.

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