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Thread: Start/Stop Button

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    Start/Stop Button

    Hi, i need help.

    Today i just replaced my batter at auto zone today and drove my car home with no problems.
    I received my LED Map lights in the mail today and was excited to install them.
    As I was replacing my second to last Map light i saw a spark and the car turned off immediately.
    I tried starting the car on it wouldn't start, not even any of the dash light came on, just nothing.
    So i was thinking that maybe my car needed a jump and so i got my portable jumper and started to jump my car.
    That didn't work, instead it charged my portable jumper instead, which got me extremely worried.
    I can turn on the car using the dead key method but i also have a new battery in my key.
    And when i do turn it on my Map light and door light do not come on. The radio navigation and etc still do work, same as tail light for when i brake.

    So if anyone could tell me what is wrong here, do i need to go back to auto zone and have them switch out the battery i just bought or ???

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    You were working on the cars electrical system with the engine running? That was not a smart thing to do IMO. You say you can turn the car ON? Does that mean you can start the engine? If so then start checking fuses. Your owners manual should give you the direction to check fuses. Ed

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    Very bad idea to install electrical parts with the car on. If you're troubleshooting or installing almost anything, the car should be off.

    With the car off, check your fuses. There should be one under the hood and possibly another one in the cabin. Pray that its just a blown fuse and nothing more.. if everything checks out with the fuses, you might have to take it to the dealer to diagnose.

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    Hopefully you just blew the fuse, but it could also be the BCM...
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