Hi, i need help.

Today i just replaced my batter at auto zone today and drove my car home with no problems.
I received my LED Map lights in the mail today and was excited to install them.
As I was replacing my second to last Map light i saw a spark and the car turned off immediately.
I tried starting the car on it wouldn't start, not even any of the dash light came on, just nothing.
So i was thinking that maybe my car needed a jump and so i got my portable jumper and started to jump my car.
That didn't work, instead it charged my portable jumper instead, which got me extremely worried.
I can turn on the car using the dead key method but i also have a new battery in my key.
And when i do turn it on my Map light and door light do not come on. The radio navigation and etc still do work, same as tail light for when i brake.

So if anyone could tell me what is wrong here, do i need to go back to auto zone and have them switch out the battery i just bought or ???