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Thread: yokohama geolandar

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    yokohama geolandar


    Just curious if anyone finds the 17 in Yokohama geolandar noisy tires,
    i fount that even the winter tires i had one where less road noise

    they seem to be wearing fine,

    debating on weather to replace them

    2016 cx5 awd

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    I didn't seem to think the Geolanders were noisy but, found much better tires for the replacement price. I replaced with Generals. Ed

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    Gen 1 CX-5s have a lot of road noise in general which is not the fault of the OE tires. Only issue I had with the Geolanders was short tread life. But that’s what you get with a UTQG of 280. Like Ed above, I replaced with General Altimax RT43 and am quite happy.

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    One member (Lbear) here replaced OE Yokohama Geolandar G91A with General AltiMAX™ RT43's when his 2017 CX-5 Touring is brand new. With UTQG treadwear grade at 280 on OE Yokohama Geolandar G91A, your current 30,000-mile OE tires won't last too long anyway.

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    Stock Geolandar G91A's suck majorly in my opinion. Mine didn't even go 18.5k miles before developing issues like bubbles in the sidewall.

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