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Thread: Rust

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    Quote Originally Posted by Atxyde View Post
    I'm dealing with the dealer's general manager directly for all the issues with my CX-9 so far. We set an appointment this Friday with a person in charge of the Mazda's warranty division (not dealers) in the island. Hopefully, they decide to fix all the issues at least the rust issue, if not I think I will use the legal route on them but I'm not going to pay for the repairs.
    That's a lot of damage/rust for a brand new car, wow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kornholio View Post
    It's pretty sad that they almost charge 10k more for the second gen cx-9's and the quality is still bad. I wonder what else will go wrong with these vehicles. Just to add the leather on my first gen ripped and that leather is paper thin. I have owned cars before where i never had a problem with the leather. I just hope that they didn't skimp on that either. I feel bad for the people who spent 40k or more on these 2nd gens only to find that there are really no improvements to the first gen.
    Not even going to address this, especially if you can't recognize the improvements they made. Yes, the paint is still thin, I knew this going into the purchase and made sure that I had the PPF applied when I bought the car.

    Quote Originally Posted by Srad600 View Post
    That's a lot of damage/rust for a brand new car, wow.
    A lot of this sounds like carelessness on the dealer's part, in storage, maintenance, and PDI. Without knowing what kind of conditions the OP drives in, those rock chips on the roof look like they might have come from being a "lead" car on the semi during transport to the dealership. Either way, it shows that the Mazda paint is definitely thin. Hopefully you can get this resolved without having to take any legal action.

    This is the only paint chip I have on mine, and it's from a careless driver that opened their car door into mine. I don't know if that's primer or steel, either way it looks really thin to me.


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    Today I had the opportunity to talk to the guy who is in charge of the warranty claims for Mazda in Puerto Rico at the dealer. He inspected the roof and many of the other issues that I'm confronting at the moment. As many of you, he was amazed by the amount of rust and damage to the roof and he said that it just isn't possible to reach that kind of rust in only 3 or 4 weeks of use on a new car. He took some photos to discuss the issue with Mazda Corporate and initiate the claim process so they can repaint the roof. He also told me to leave the CX-9 at the dealer to verify directly all other issues like the tweeter not working, left mirror and headlights shaking, etc. They are going to call me later at night to test drive the car to see the car's behaviors when is cold and the headlights vibration. So, good news so far. Hopefully all the issues will be approved by Mazda to be fixed ASAP.

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