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Thread: New user, new to Mazdas - possible CX-9 purchase

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    New user, new to Mazdas - possible CX-9 purchase


    I am thinking about buying a CX-9 for family car and wanted to get some feedback about any more-costly-than-usual repair/maintenance issues I need to consider before purchasing. I am pretty familiar with Hondas, but not Mazda. I am looking at 2014-2016 CX-9's. i see some posts about water pump/timing chain issues, but anything else I should be prepared for ? Engine or tranny problems/quirks ?

    Thanks for any help

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    The 2016 is the new generation so is completely different from the '14-'15's you're considering. The 2nd gen is far superior but if you're looking for a small price tag, the 1st gens are much less. The possible issues you may have read about don't apply to the 2016>.

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    Transfer case issues if you're looking at an AWD version. On earlier models the drain for the A.C. would clog, there are a couple of reports of tailgate issues, the unlock button located on the door handle that operates the keyless entry can fall out and it's more a water pump than a timing chain issue with the 1st gen. It also depends on how it was taken care of. You really shouldn't have too many issues because of the M/Y that you're considering. Just stay on top of the maintenance, avoid the AWD if you can and be prepared for the water pump (which usually happens after 100k) and you should be ok.

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    We just traded in our 2011 cx9 with 107k on the ODO for a new 2018 GT yesterday.

    Only had two problems....One I guess is fairly common is the brake booster loses vacuum seal and dies. Mazda replaced this for free as it is common(we were out of warranty)
    The drivers window motor broke and had to be replaced. Replaced under extended warranty.
    Also worth noting, on highway speeds, the wind noise from the upper corners of the windows sucks and it was annoyingly loud.
    Besides that, nothing else in over 100k miles.

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