This is definitely in the weird category.
I bought this 2009 CX-9 GT about a year and a half ago and have had no major issues.
Since last week I have not been able to lock my doors on my CX-9.
The key fob, manual lever, inside door lock switch. our outer request switch will not lock the doors. I cant even push the lock lever down to lock the doors.
The door ajar indication lamp is always on........ Until I either turn on hazard lights or use my turn signals.
Once either turn signals or hazard lights are activated I can then lock the doors using any method, manual, request switch, key fob or door lock button.
Once signals or hazards or off the problem returns.
I have checked all door switches for voltage and function, I have systematically pull each harness connection to the BCM one at a time and checked for moisture as well as spray with residue free electronics cleaner. I have disconnected both terminals from battery, I have checked all fuses

I will try to post a video a bit later on.
This is my first time in the forum.

ANy help would greatly be appreciated.